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Who are we?

Strongly attached to our territory, the protection and appreciation of its natural and cultural heritage, we are engaged in Mercantour Ecotourism Association, a network of hosts, farmers, mountain guides, artisans, artists, etc...

We are all inhabitants of the valleys of the Mercantour and United by a common passion: the nature and the mountains.

As partners of the Mercantour national park, we are pleased to introduce our visitors our landscapes, our exceptional biodiversity while making you share our know-how and the thousand and one stories that make the identity and the life of our villages.

Our values

Our goal is always to let experience our visitors the privileged moments based on human contact and high quality services in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Through our 7 commitments for ecotourism, recognised by the European Charter for sustainable tourism, we are committed to give meaning to our services to ensure that your stay is a real travel experience:

  • Guarantee for visitors the discovery of landscape quality and local architectural heritage
  • Maximum integrate the place of stay and activities to the environment
  • improve the environmental management of the institution
  • Send a message on the territory, mountain life and nature
  • Allow an authentic encounter with the inhabitant
  • Bind our product to the territory
  • Focus on group transport and soft movements

The members of the Mercantour ecotourism association

Mercantour Ecotourism Association is open to any type of tourism professionals who wish to promote a new form of tourism (ecotourism), whether you are in the park or nearby.


Beyond professional active members of the association, associate members and supportive college allows local authorities, tourist offices and other agencies and professionals to contribute to network support and to get involved in the project.

The national park of Mercantour, a privileged partner

Committed to the sides of the association, an institution referred to as "National park of Mercantour" mobilizes to lend his support to the development of ecotourism in our valleys.

Beyond its missions of preservation of natural environments, cultural riches and landscapes, it also puts knowledge (formations) and resources (documentation, meetings with other territories, opening to networks of ecotourism, etc.) at your disposal.

Together we share a common goal: making of the Mercantour national park an ecotourism destination in the Southern Alps.