Strongly attached to our territory, to the protection and promotion of its natural and cultural heritage, we are involved in the Mercantour Ecotourism Association, a network of accommodation providers, farmers, mountain guides, craftsmen, artists, etc...

Nous travaillons depuis 2012 avec le Parc national du Mercantour en appliquant les principes de la Charte Européenne du Tourisme Durable dans les espaces naturels protégés afin d'assurer que le tourisme contribue au développement économique, social et environnemental équilibré de notre territoire, le Mercantour.

Who are we?

We are all inhabitants of the Mercantour valleys and united by common passions: nature and the mountains.

As partners of the Mercantour National Park, we are happy to help our visitors discover our landscapes and our exceptional biodiversity, while sharing with you our know-how and the thousand and one stories that make up the identity and life of our villages.

habitants des vallées du Mercantour

Our missions

In the spirit of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism*, the Mercantour Ecotourism Association aims to

  • Organise a network of ecotourism professionals in the Mercantour and encourage exchanges and cooperation between ecotourism professionals,
  • To support professionals in developing an ecotourism offer and progress in the field of sustainable tourism thanks to tools, shared services and specific training,
  • To contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about the natural and cultural heritage among its members through a close partnership with the Mercantour National Park,
  • To develop products and ecotourism trips that highlight the know-how and particularities of the territory,
  • Promote the members of the network and the products developed to clients interested in ecotourism.

*The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism is the method and the reference text for the implementation of sustainable tourism in protected areas in Europe, a network which today includes more than 100 protected areas. For more information click  here

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Our actions

In partnership with the Mercantour National Park, the Mercantour Ecotourism Association carries out numerous actions for the development of ecotourism.

In particular, it offers its members :

  • a network life through the organisation of meetings between tourism partners to get to know each other and work together
  • various training days: tourism techniques, knowledge of natural and cultural heritage, languages
  • the provision of awareness-raising tools on heritage and the environment for visitors
  • the creation of ecotourism holidays and programmes of ecotourism activities in the valleys
  • communication and promotion actions

Brochure Association Mercantour Ecotourisme