Mercantour National Park Spirit

The 10 national parks

The Mercantour, the Vanoise, the Écrins, Port-Cros, the Calanques, the Cévennes, the Pyrenees, Reunion Island, French Guiana and Guadeloupe are all rich in exceptional landscapes and remarkable heritages. High places of resource for Man, it is their duty to protect these riches, to make them discoverable to the public and to transmit them to future generations.

Marque Esprit Parc national Mercantour


Commune aux dix parcs, elle permet de fédérer les acteurs des parcs nationaux dans le but de sensibiliser le consommateur et d’agir en faveur des valeurs du territoire et de ses acteurs.



Since 2015, the French national parks have developed a brand, Esprit Parc National, which conveys their values:

  • commitment to the territory project;
  • the authenticity of local traditions, know-how and heritage
  • respect for nature, local heritage, local actors and populations
  • sharing between the National Park, the entrepreneurs and the people;
  • and vitality, a positive state of mind that promotes dynamism and openness.

The brand is thus designed to support and promote economic activities in tourism and agriculture that respect and enhance the local heritage of French national parks. It is attributable to stays, activities, accommodation, catering facilities, agricultural and craft production and know-how. Above all, it bears witness to the strong and special social, cultural, identity and solidarity link between all the players in the national park: managers, inhabitants, public officials and economic players.

Through its use, the brand holders share with consumers their love for the territory, their passion for their professional activity and their knowledge of these unique areas and know-how.

Common to all ten parks, it unites the national parks' stakeholders with the aim of raising consumer awareness and promoting the values of the territory and its stakeholders.

Ambiance automnale au lac d'Allos.
ANCELY Mathieu

Why join the brand ?

Joining the brand means above all benefiting from the reputation and positive image of the national parks. It also means benefiting from the recognition and visibility of activities in the region and beyond, thanks to local and national communication actions. It also means promoting the environmental quality of products and services more widely. Finally, it means joining a network of professionals who defend common values.


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Les Herbes Folles, Charlaine DAVY
Le Refuge de la Cantonnière
Randonnée Avec Christiane Ray Anezin
La Croix Saint Jean
Au Verger Saint Joseph
Le Moulin d'Allos
ANCELY Mathieu
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