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How to join?

You are a tourism professional installed in the territory of the national park of Mercantour and its periphery,

You are interested to join the association, how to reach us?

Do you want to:

Engage you in the life of a network based on the values of ecotourism?

Share the natural and cultural heritage of your valley with curious and involved visitors?

Train you in the field of ecotourism and the knowledge of the territory of the national park?


To become a member of Mercantour Ecotourism Association, here are the different steps to follow that are designed to guarantee the values of the network:

Step 1 - Be sponsored by a member of the association

The life of network and mutual knowledge of the members of the association are the foundation of the Association. Each candidate must be sponsored by an older member of the association. Once sponsored, each candidate is invited to submit to the president of the Association a letter explaining his motivation. The candidate becomes aware of the Charter of 7 liabilities.


Step 2 - Meeting, diagnosis and definition of common objectives in the field of ecotourism

After receipt of the letter of motivation, a meeting will be scheduled at the candidate's place, in order to achieve a shared commitment visit. The objective of this step is to know more details of his proposals, its strengths and its weaknesses, and margins of progress in order to better promote its offer and to identify the voluntary to improve in the world of ecotourism. The ecotourism diagnosis is based on the criteria of the European Charter for sustainable tourism.

Step 3 - Membership and probationary period

The Board of Directors will validate as a first step the accession of the candidate for a probationary year during which the new member will benefit from all the services of the association and will commit to the life of the network. This year must be used by the new member to learn more about the offer of other members, to cooperate on the assembly's for thematic stays, and to improve its offer based on the shared diagnosis.

Step 4 - Final accession

At the end of the probationary year, a balance will be achieved. It will validate or not, the membership of the member.

From this stage the member can in return sponsor new members.

Step 5 – Approach of progress and renewal

Every 3 years, each member will be visited in order to make an evaluation of the individual progress.


Download the documents of the association

Booklet of presentation of the association and the general conditions of membership

Rules of procedure of the Association