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A landscape surrounded by peaks of more than 3000 m of altitude...

Tributary of the Var, la Vésubie, winding river, flows through a valley kept downstream through canyons glaciers.

Lantosque olive trees quickly give way to the alpine landscapes. Around Turini and Saint Martin Vésubie reigns the montane forest. In the valleys of the Gordolasque, Madonna and le Boréon, the mélèzeforest lead to glacial lakes, embedded in the alpine lawn and surrounded by the walls mountaintops.

Less than 40 km from the Mediterranean, la Vésubie offers landscapes of high mountains with peaks exceeding the 3000 m altitude, as the tops of the Gélas of 3143 metres!

A diversity of landscapes and wildlife that is well worth the detour! Hikers and climbers, there is something for everyone.


The members of Mercantour ecotourism recommend you:

-Le Boréon

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