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In the heart of the «dry» Alps 

Between Provence and Dauphiné...

The Valley of Ubaye, the most northerly park of the Mercantour, is situated at the crossroad of the Dauphiné, Provence and Italy. It belongs to the department of the 'Alpes de Haute Provence'.
Protected from the wind by its landscape, there are up to 300 days of sunshine and only 700 mm of precipitation per year! Sunny walks insured!

Landscapes and a rich heritage

Glaciers and rivers have dug large terraces creating a variety of habitat which favoured the establishment of an abundance of plant and animal species. The contrast of landscape is striking between the long basin of Barcelonnette and hanging valleys. Many 'cols' played an important role as channel of communication, as in the military history of France. You can still see numerous remains of forts, now useless and silent lookouts, monitoring empty ridges of enemies and populated only by the ibex, ermines or ptarmigan.


The members of Mercantour ecotourism recommend you:

-The Lauzanier

-The Col de la Bonette

-The Valley of the Bachelard

-Fort de Tournoux