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Roya Bévéra River

From the mountains to the Mediterranean areas...

Drained by a 60 km long river, the Roya Valley, stretching along the Italian border, invites you to a geological journey. In a few kilometres time, you will travel from the world of olivegardens into the Alpine world. The low valleys of Roya - Bévéra offer a landscape typically Mediterranean, arid and mineral. The Park also recorded the minimum altitude at Breil (140 m) among the olive trees.

You will find here a remarkable diversity of fauna and flora in this landscape, marked by glacial and limestone erosion and where the human imprint is present everywhere. In a large glacial cirque with several lakes, 36000 carvings dating from 3 000 BC are spread over ochre and rust cholored limestones: this is the Valley of Merveilles. In this mineral landscape, dominated by the 2872 m high Mont Bego, these enigmatic engravings generate mystery and admiration...


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