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Cians Var

In the heart of Colorado of Nice...

On the other side of the Mont Mounier, the Cians and Daluis gorges are a unique in Europe.

These violent colors and shapes carved into the blood red rocks of Pélites, were shaped in the Cians and the Var throughout history by two heavy floods. They are of an extraordinary wine color from the oxidation of the iron they contain. Certainly, this landscape won't leave you untouched!

Towering walls are sometimes so close that the sky disappears at the sight of water courses. Spectacular, the landscape varies with the seasons. The contrast of the red rocks and snow in winter, orange or saffron lilies and the baskets of silver in the spring. Everywhere, the bright red rocks cut into the dark green mosses. On the highest summits, the mélèzeforests dominate till they make room for the Alpine pastures, main playground of marmots.


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